Thursday, May 24, 2012

Brisbane and then the long flight home

I already have my wish list in for next year 
Two Nutcrackers

Went for a walk in this nice park 

Brisbane temple 

Me in a forest of bamboo

Who let the dogs out???

Somewhere over the rainbow 

Trying to fight back the tears...

After this bridge it's all over, goodbye Australia it has been fun!!!

More Maroochydore

Noodle Box is delicious  
Enjoy the Christmas decorations.  Lockey is a pipe cleaner magician

Have to get a little bit of climbing in 

Time to bring out the kites 

Lots of other kites out

Cute Cami waiting for food

This is how we drank water

This was not as nice as we were hoping, but we had to go to one of the surf clubs at least once 

Not to bore anyone with more kiting pictures, but here are some good ones

The waves were pretty big, but lots of fun

Big Back Roll

Raley Unhooked!!!

A little backside surfing action

Going for a boost

Another one

Can you find me...?  Neither can I 

Cami's looking good on our way to fish and chips 

A big smile on her face for the most delicious fish and chips ever!!! Mahi Mahi!!! 

Seriously delicious 

Happy and sun kissed!!!

Our little Christmas, then Chrissy with the Chadwicks!!!

A beautiful Christmas tree on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Waves

Christmas Eve Christmas Cakes!!!

Me with my stocking!!!

Lockey and his sweet new shorts!!! notice the matching orange with the jacket and the sea foam with Cami's Shirt

Giant Pineapple on the way to Church, you just don't have giant Pineapples in Canada 

The Chrissy Spread at the Chadwicks!

Now you can see why they made all of that food

Cami and I enjoying ourselves 
Lots of dessert too!!!

Mom and Pop Chadwick with little Laylah

Frank Chadwick, the kind gentleman that invited us to the party

Little Laylah enjoying her new tea set 

Daniel and I having a good time

Watching the fun go down

I probably should be paining more attention maybe...

Jonny Jamming out with Frank, Cami and I 

I think this was house of the rising Sun 

My turn to start jamming with Jonny 

Chloe with Frank enjoying the festivities

Jammin, while Jonny stares in wonder 

A ballad

The Harmonica Master

Cami is singing me a ballad

French Braids

The kindest family ever to invite us to their Christmas and share all of their festivities!!!